Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scraptuary Reveal!

 I'm so excited to actually be able to use my litte crafty cottage!  Back in February we had an 8' x 10' Tuff Shed building installed. This is what the building and yard looked like back then.  Since this picture we have added a vegetable garden on the other side of the building and the beautiful fruitless mulberry tree has sprouted leaves and shades the side of the building beautifully!

The inside of the building looked like this.  You can see the quality of the construction. The building is built just like a house.  

Here is what my  little crafty cottage looks like in the shade and you can see the veggie garden.  I love how the tree shades the east side of the building for the whole day. 

The long slow process of moving my stash from the master bedroom in the house out to the cottage has been interesting.  I am actually finding items that I had forgotten about.  It's almost like Christmas in June!  I am getting things organized and put away.  I have repurposed three pieces of furniture from my house that I thought I was going to have to get rid of.

This tiered wire basket holds several of the mini albums I have made over the years.

My wonderful sister-in-law Becky gave me this oak sofa table to use in my little cottage.  It works great to hold my wire crates.

The little shelf with the glass jars was made by Dewayne in a high school wood shop class.  For years it hung in my mother-n-laws kitchen and when Dewayne made her a new wood and iron shelf she was going to throw this out.  I saved it and have used it for many different purposes.  My plan is to paint it black so it stands out on the Ocean Breeze wall!.  The jars hold some of my ribbon supply.

This cabinet in a former life was a video cabinet but it works great to hold various supplies.  I am glad that I was able to keep these pieces and find new uses for them.

This shelf was originally hanging on the wall in my living room in Las Vegas but again, no room in the new house in Fowler so... repurpose!  I am going to remove the two pictures of my children and put them back in their albums and then I will create two small layouts to put in their places.  Again the shelf holds jars of ribbons and the three jars hanging from the hooks are from my friend Karen that I used to work with in Las Vegas.  I need to see if I can get another one from her to fill the last hook.  I really like the way they look hanging below.  Again these jars hold ribbons!  I have more ribbon to organize and figure out what to do with.

The cabinet below has glass shelves in it and stores my sizzix and cricut.  On the top two shelves I have displayed some small little nic nacs that have sentimental value to me.

 I am repurposing the dollhouse that I built  to also hold supplies.  I may end up using this space to display small framed pictures but again, a work in progress. 

I am so happy that you stopped by today to see my little scrappy cottage and I will update pictures as I finalize the space and get organized. 


Teresa Zuehls

Love your craft retreat and look forward to seeing it's progress. TFS


Thanks Theresa! Be sure to come back for the Memory Works birthday blog hop on June 26th.

Kay Wallace

I just love the title "Scraptuary," Cathie. I have read every word of this blog post and closely examined each photo! You are so lucky to have this dedicated space, which is functional as well as a retreat for you. I also love it that you have so many pieces of furniture that have meaning. You have also thought to include non-scrap items (a.k.a., those nic nacs) which add a feeling of comfort, I am sure. Well done, inside and out! Thanks for sharing!


Great space! Doesn't it feel good to re-organize? TFS


Thanks for the kind words Kay and Lynn, yes it feels great to reorganize.

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